Mandolin Builder Profiles

Steve Sorensen: Finding His Own Path

Steve Sorensen talks about the nature of innovation in mandolin design and staying true to yourself while traveling a complex path through life. Read more here.

Pava Knezevic: Natural Born Builder

Pava Knezevic talks about her life growing up in Croatia and how she came to build her own line of mandolins with the support of Tom Ellis in Austin, Texas. Read more here.

Audey Ratliff: Shaping a Life

Audey Ratliff talks about his long career, which started in the 1970s, what it means to build more than a thousand mandolins, and how he has managed to weather the many changes that the mandolin building business has gone through. Read more here.

Louis Stiver: A Life in Mandolins

Louis Stiver talks about his 44 years in mandolin building and playing bluegrass, and how he has crafted a life of accomplishment and personal drive, and how he wouldn't change a thing. Read more here.