An Altoids Smalls Pick Case DIY

Here’s a simple crafts project that you might find worthwhile. Recently, I noticed that the tin that Altoids Smalls peppermints come in seemed to be the perfect size for storing picks. It fits the bigger Pro-Plec picks and easily slides into my jeans’ front pocket. Adding the fact that it is metal and therefore rugged, and it seemed like a sure thing.

But when I took an empty tin, put a few picks in it, and put it in my front pants pocket, it proceeded to rattle like a castanet in my pants, when I walked. So that wasn’t going to work for me. I looked around the house and found a scrap piece of wool blanket fabric that my wife had used in one of her projects. It was fuzzy and thick and soft. My problem was solved, at least with the Altoids tin.

I cut a couple of pieces of the wool fabric to go inside the bottom and top of the tin. The one on top needs to be cut a bit smaller so the top can close all the way. Then I used double-sided tape to secure the wool fabric to the top and bottom, and that was it. If you don’t have any thick blanket fabric around, you could try some pieces of polar fleece from a worn out jacket or maybe from an extra thick bath towel or even some pieces of thin foam. Whatever you put in the tin needs to be compressible, so keep that in mind.

So if you use expensive Blue Chip picks, or any kind really, and want to keep them safe and secure and not rattling around with your change in your pocket, getting all scratched up, this is an easy way to do it. Just need to work your way through the peppermints first. At least you’ll have fresh breath while you’re working on this project. Cheers.