Retrofret Visit in Brooklyn

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure to visit Retrofret Vintage Guitars in Brooklyn, New York. They have to be one of the best shops in the country, filled with absolute treasures. Acoustic and electric guitars are their main interest, with Martin, Gibson, and Fender being the standouts there, but they had a variety of interesting and beautiful banjos, lutes, violins, and luckily for us, mandolins. One of the best of these was a 1951 Bigsby 10-string electric mandolin. These were made famous because of Bob Wills' mandolin player, Tiny Moore. That's what he played. Bigsby never made many of these, so this one comes at a premium. Retrofret values it at $42,000. It is obviously a well-played instrument, but it is nearly one of a kind. And very nice it is. Check out their website, if you have a hankering for one the best electric mandolins in the world.